This Is Why You Shouldn’t Enter the Restoration Industry On Your Own

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Enter the Restoration Industry On Your Own

It’s true that many entrepreneurs attempt to enter the insurance restoration and reconstruction industry on their own. However, while hammers, drywall and subcontractors are used in each, the maze of policies, procedures, requirements and politics make insurance restoration a world unto itself.


Delta Restoration Services’ comprehensive training puts our franchise owners in the top one percent of all restoration companies nationwide. We have over 150 years of combined experience, and we will show you how to navigate all of the particulars of this complex industry.


Delta’s corporate support team is comprised of the top-in-the-industry experts in the areas of marketing, mitigation, reconstruction, financial, operations and leadership. Delta’s commitment to training and support extends to on call support 24/7 and a dedicated franchise business coach for every franchisee.


And although the complexities of insurance restoration are vast, the volume of claims you will have and the ability to handle the myriad of details associated with each is even larger. Why not start, from day one, with a minimal learning curve and begin earning profits much faster?


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