What Do Our Relationships with Insurance Companies and TPAs Mean to Franchisees?

Delta Restoration Services (Delta) carries a strong reputation with insurance companies as well as those insurance companies that work with third-party administrators (TPAs). Many consumers do not realize all of the behind-the-scenes activities that are required to get proper coverage and a proper settlement when property damage is sustained. At Delta Restoration Services, our in-depth knowledge of how the insurance industry works allows us to better serve clients, which improves our marketability.

Delta’s proven estimating practices, software systems and processes ensure communication with insurance carriers throughout the entire estimation process. Delta’s corporate support team reviews ALL estimates for the franchisees’ first 90 days and beyond as needed to educate, maximize profits and, with a 29-day average turnaround, Delta’s receivables systems help our franchisees receive payment up to 45% faster than the industry average.

So, why do insurance companies and TPAs trust Delta? Here are a few reasons:

  • Delta’s strong reputation with insurance carriers
  • We speak their language and train to their processes
  • Delta Management Systems, DMS, our exclusive proprietary software, supports integration with its platforms for ease of communication and estimate approvals
  • Our industry-leading training puts Delta franchisees in the top 1% of restoration companies nationally

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