Why Delta?


Operating a successful contracting business is hard work. Due to its nature, the construction industry is one that faces ongoing changes as new business methods are developed and new technologies are introduced. So, contractors have to respond accordingly and develop appropriate strategies to be more competitive in this industry and to recognize success.

If we look back just five years or so, we’d see that many contractor business owners were operating their businesses in survival mode. Now with the economy improving and residential construction activity picking up, many contractors are looking to grow their businesses again.  Achieving success is a highly critical issue for companies to survive in a competitive business environment. Contractors also face strong competition due to the abundance of contractor businesses.

Diversifying into the lucrative insurance restoration market is a smart move.  Delta Disaster Services franchisees leverage their experience and grow their business by diversifying into the highly lucrative insurance restoration business. Perhaps this move makes sense for your business too?

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